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16. more than 50 markers

When showing so many addresses, to get a faster response from Google servers, it’s recommended that you use the latitude, longitude coordinates instead of physical addresses, in the map shortcode, then you’ll get a faster response:

15. customized popup

Most map plugins don’t let you customize the popup window of a marker (in fact Google Maps features are not very friendly with this). But after you install this map plugin, you can customize the popup with a CSS code added to your website. For instance, I customized the popup in the above map with this simple CSS code:

.gm-style-iw {
    background-color: #2D2D2D !important;
    margin-top: -8px !important;
    margin-left: -15px !important;
    height: 96% !important;
    text-align: center !important;
    padding: 15px 15px 0 15px !important;
.gm-style-iw, .gm-style-iw a:active, .gm-style-iw a:hover, .gm-style-iw a:link, .gm-style-iw a:visited {
    color: #E9F3DA !important;
div.responsive-map div div div div div div div div div div {
    background-color: #2D2D2D !important;

14. tabs example

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13. clickable list of locations

The code used to generate the list from left:

<a href="javascript: openMarker(1, 1)">Avenida Peseta, Spain</a>
<a href="javascript: openMarker(1, 2)">Paseo de la Castellana, Spain</a>
<a href="javascript: openMarker(1, 3)">Avenida de Rafaela Ybarra, Spain</a>
<a href="javascript: openMarker(1, 4)">Calle de Ramírez de Prado, Spain</a>
<a href="javascript: openMarker(1, 5)">Villa de Vallecas, Spain</a>
<a href="javascript: openMarker(1, 6)">Pozuelo, Spain</a>

<!--The arguments passed to the javascript function openMarker(1, 5) mean: open the 5th marker from the 1st map displayed.-->

The code used to generate the map from right:

[res_map address="Avenida Peseta, Spain | Paseo de la Castellana, Spain | Avenida de Rafaela Ybarra, Spain | Calle de Ramírez de Prado, Spain | Villa de Vallecas, Spain | Pozuelo, Spain" description="" ......the rest of the map shortcode.......]

<!--The shortcode is easily generated from plugin's admin, with all its parameters.-->

12. photo as marker icon

11. custom link in the popup

[res_map address="Rome, Italy" description="<img src='http://yava.ro/wp-content/plugins/responsive-maps-plugin/includes/img/company.png'> {br} First line here for instance {br} Second line here if needed {br} <a href='https://www.google.com/maps/@41.902784,12.496366,14z?hl' target='_blank'>here is the link to google map {br} " directionstext="" icon="green" style="48" popup="yes" refresh="yes"]

10. no clustering

9. many markers, clustering

8. world map

7. multiple markers

The same map with popup enabled:

6. large popup

5. custom marker icon

4. all controls enabled

3. all styles


2. no controls, search box

1. black & white